The Jamaican Diaspora in Australia - Mapping the Jamaican Diaspora


 The Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project

The Mapping Jamaica’s Diaspora Project is a collaborative effort between the Government of Jamaica and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The project is in the form of an online survey which is geared towards identifying the locations, skills, expertise and interests of members of the global Jamaica Diaspora.  There are two (2) survey instruments, a general survey which is to be completed by individuals and one for completion by Diaspora groups and associations.  The survey is hosted on the website


The ultimate aim of the Mapping Project is the creation of a database of Jamaicans worldwide who are interested in contributing to the nation’s development through social investment (whether it is in cash or kind) and financial investments and match skills in the Diaspora with gaps that exist in Jamaica.


Who is eligible to participate in the survey? Anyone of Jamaican heritage by birth, descent (second, third or fourth generation), marriage, naturalization or registration.


The Jamaican Association in Australia endorses the Mapping project and encourages all Jamaicans to complete the survey.


 Source: Diaspora and Consular Affairs Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Jamaica.