The Jamaican Association of Australia is a non-profit organization with the mission to uphold Jamaica’s Motto ‘Out of Many, One People’.  We will maintain and support the cultural heritage of Jamaica in Australia.




To provide for the social, cultural, mental, physical and recreational growth of its members, through the provision of facilities, amenities and leadership, essential to the development of friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.

To provide a forum for open discussions on all matters of interest.

To create and foster harmonious relations between Jamaicans and other members of the Community

To provide guidance and assistance for its members on request, where appropriate

To undertake fundraising activities and to use the proceeds there from, for the advancement of the Jamaican Association of Australia

To ensure that “Brand Jamaica” is positively and accurately represented in Australia

To provide an avenue for members of the Diaspora to learn more about Jamaican culture and history by establishing a centre for social and cultural events in order to keep Jamaica culture alive.

To create a forum for new Jamaicans immigrating or visiting Australia to receive information about Australia or connect with Jamaicans already residing here

To maintain close social, economic and political ties with the public and private sectors in Jamaica. For example, The Jamaica Tourist Board and the Board of Trade

To give assistance to persons or family members in Jamaica wanting to do business in Australia and vice versa.

Promote Jamaica as a destination of choice for Australian tourists.