Member Benefits


Benefits of joining the Jamaican Association of Australia


1.     Members of the Jamaican diaspora providing social and emotional support for each other.


2.     Jamaican professionals supporting each other through networking, job creation and employment opportunities. 


3.     Share Job market information 


4.     Information on opportunities in Australia for Jamaican higher education students (Study and scholarship).


5.     Information for Jamaicans migrating (permanently or temporarily) to Australia. 


6.     Passport renewal procedure via the Honorary Consul of Jamaica


7.     Source of information on Jamaican businesses in Australia 


8.     Source of information for Jamaican foods and food suppliers in Australia. 


9.     Endorsements of Jamaican owned/ operated businesses.


10.  Discounted advertisement space on website and in newsletters.


11.  Opportunity to contribute to dialogue on matters of interest and concern to the Jamaican community through a formal medium recognised by the Australian and Jamaican Governments.


12.  Repository of information for the Jamaican community.