Jamaicans in Australia celebrates 52nd Independence

Celebrations Australia-wide

Jamaicans across Australian States are getting ready for a full weekend of activities to celebrate Jamaica’s 52nd Independence. Independence Celebrations kick off on August 9th with YardFest in Gold Coast, Qld with DJ Wade and others enjoying some good yard food at Shilo’s Jamaican Restaurant. The excitement continues in Sydney, with dinner and a show on Aug 10th at Jamvybz Jamaican Restaurant. Spaces are limited for all events so get in and secure your place early. Other celebrations include Power Cuts Club’s Jamaican Independence dance at Barouque Room, Katoomba on August 9th. Contact your JAA Regional Representatives to find out more about activities in your State or Region. You may also contact JAA Office if you have any questions.

Dinner and a Show
Jamaican Independence Celebrations in Sydney this Sunday Aug 10th at Jamvybz Restaurant, with dinner and a show. Spaces are limited so get in ASAP. Payment details are via PayPal as follows or contact Mikey Glamour for payment.

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