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The Jamaican Association of Australia Incorporated is the official association of Jamaicans living in Australia. This Association is comprised of residents of Australia who are of Jamaican origin and such other person who, in the opinion of the Committee of Management, are fit and proper persons to become members of this Organization. The association was formed by members of the Jamaican community living in Australia September 2012.




What motivated the formation of the Association?


Several well thinking members of the Jamaican community and Jamaican diaspora in Australia expressed concern that there was a lack of cohesion amongst the community/diaspora as there was no means through which their unique interests and concerns could be addressed. Impetus for the launch of the Association came from over a hundred members of the community/diaspora members who connect on the Facebook Networking group ‘Jamaicans in Australasia.’ Through this forum, members of the community indicated the need for a unified front for the representation of Jamaica in Australia. Several members of this group began the discussion which soon received support from other members of the community.




The first official meeting was held in September 2012 with nine members who along with others, later became the first members of the executive committee. Under the leadership of the twelve member executive, The Jamaican Association of Australia was officially incorporated under the South Australia Associations Incorporated Act 1985, on December 10, 2012.